Style and Approach

Documentary Wedding Photography is the balance of moments as they unfold, classic portraits of family, and meaningful details. Capturing energy, emotion, and ambiance of the day is my specialty. Poses are natural. Portraits are romantic and joyful. Details are covered artfully but never take precedent over moments. Being present and in the moment is where I want my clients to be throughout the day because that is when the really good stuff happens!

In the background I am one of those people who have a million tabs open in their minds and a million to-do lists. I know light and how it moves, am aware of things like sunset times and tides and traffic from one venue to the next. I am constantly thinking about telling the story while not interrupting the flow of the day and the experience you have worked so hard to provide for your guests.


I was trained in a darkroom at a fine-art college in upstate New York. From there I worked for two years as a commercial photographer in Boston. It was still all film in 2000, both 35mm and medium-format. I loved the hustle of running from assignment to assignment then back to the darkroom. The mix of balancing assignment logistics, camera technique, composition, and light was an unknown training of what was to come.

Through a series of those funny life events that you don’t expect, I ended up photographing weddings in 2001. It was then that I quickly recognized and fell in love with the challenge of documentary wedding photography, and with the significance of what those images meant to the couples and their families.