About The Photographer

I love photographing weddings because I feel that the spontaneity and creative opportunities on a wedding day are simply unmatched.

When not photographing weddings, I am spending time with my amazing husband and our three energetic kids; who make sure that life never has a dull moment! My favorite thing and theirs is to experience something new – from places to food to art – because I believe there is nothing as exciting as experiencing something for the first time. We have dreams of travel but love our little corner of the world here in Massachusetts. Favorite places for family outings are to the beach for wave-jumping and sand castle building, or camping in one of our favorite National Parks. A day at home means I get to sing at the top of my lungs with toddlers (Broadway show tunes, of course!), make a mess with some sort of art project, and create masterpieces in the kitchen (vegan chocolate chip cookies are a family favorite!). Our kids inspired the name of the portrait and family division of the studio, ChaosLoved (www.chaosloved.com).

One last thing… I love to meet new people and absolutely believe in the power of connection through handshakes and shared laughter. Let’s meet up!

Jessica McHale
B.S. Fine-Art Photography, 2000
PPA & PPO Award winner

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The photography of my family was taken in our favorite spot by tripod and remote. My three crazy kids are photographed by me, at the studio in Foxboro.