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Business head shot natural light

The image you use to portray yourself to current and potential clients is so important. I want the to image to look polished and professional, but not overly editing to the point it feels inauthentic or impersonal.

This client selected a patterned dress which suited her perfectly. We look at the texture and colors then selected an area in her office that would be simple and compliment the outfit.

I always arrive on-location for business head shots fully prepared with a lighting kit and backdrop, but love when we can use something a little more natural. In this case the window gave beautiful light which I used as the main light, and I set up a reflector on camera right. That minimized the contrast on this client's face and softened the shadows. It created a great balance and a really flattering portrait.

Had there been several colleagues getting portraits taken to be displayed together for an event or website, we would make sure to have the same lighting style for all of them. It's amazing to me how often I see companies with bios that have portraits stylistically all over the place. While there is no one "right" answer to how your company presents their team, consistency is important for the brand.

Location: Wrentham, ma.

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