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  5. Nauticus Marina Wedding
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  36. Cyclorama Boston Wedding Photographer
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  38. jewish wedding photographer
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  46. Church Island Squam Lake Wedding
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  84. Best Massachusetts Wedding Photographers
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  86. Wedding ceremony moments
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  88. Hampshire House wedding
  89. Wellfleet Wedding
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  104. Cape Cod Wedding
  105. Best Wedding Photographers Massachusetts
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Wedding Photography for amazing couples.

Unexpected moments, details, portraits, and must-have photos…. I’ve got your back on all of it!

In the world of photographing weddings, experience matters. I've photographed hundreds of weddings and have found the recipe to making my couples happy is authentically representing my work, getting to know each couple and what they are excited to capture on the day, then letting nothing stop me from getting those images for them. I'll move mountains, walk through water (this has happened on more than one occasion) and professionally interact with all of your other vendors to achieve the goals we have set out for your image collection. All while having a blast! It's not unusual for wedding guests to approach me at the end of the evening saying they watched me smile all day. Creative people get a rush from creating - it just happens!

Within six weeks of your wedding day, your gallery collection of individually edited images will be delivered to you. Your unique style is front and center in your gallery, revealing the stories and details of your wedding day. Every client’s gallery is unique, and each image has a purpose.

I chose this profession because I believe in love; who it makes us and how it changes us. I believe that finding a person who wants to stand with you through every moment of this crazy life is a thing that really should be celebrated. I love working with couples and their families, no matter what. It’s a privilege to be asked to photograph each and every one, and has been since 2002.

Looking for a wedding photographer with a sense of adventure? Wondering if you'll find someone who will capture you at the top of a mountain, lakeside at sunrise, or you just want to say to someone "I have this idea....". Let's talk! Seriously. I took a year off to travel the country in an RV with my family and adventure is part of our fabric. If it's part of yours too, let's run with it!

I look forward to hearing more about you, your style, and how we can create a collection of images that you will absolutely love!

With roots in Medfield, MA and currently living on Aquidneck Island in Rhode Island, I regularly photograph in Rhode Island (Newport, Bristol, Barrington, East Greenwich, Providence, and everywhere else!), Massachusetts (Medfield, Dover, Walpole, Foxboro, all the way to Boston, Worcester, and beyond) and parts of New Hampshire - including one of my all time favorite ceremony spots - Church Island on Squam Lake. I've had clients bring me to Virginia, Maine, and Michigan. I'll travel pretty much anywhere for couples that are in love with my work! I am a preferred vendor in several venues on Cape Cod, in Dover MA, in Boston, and Ashland MA.

I began photographing weddings in 2002, starting out at a large studio in Michigan. In 2004 we moved back home to Massachusetts and since then I have been a New England wedding photographer, Cape Cod wedding photographer, Newport wedding photographer, Boston wedding photographer, Connecticut wedding photographer, and southern NH wedding photographer.

All images and text ©2005-2023 Jessica McHale Photography.