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Business headshot

Have you ever seen a business website where portraits on one page of Bios differ dramatically from each other? It pulls the viewers attention away from what you want them to be focusing on.

Specific marketing tasks your team encounters throughout the year will benefit from a fresh set of images. With a little planning, we can accomplish several goals in one shoot. The key is to create a collection where ever member has an image of file that is consistent with the full collection. For instance, everyone on the team can have a casual horizontal image and also a vertical environmental portrait. The specifics we will discuss prior to your shoot date, based on your needs.

With a library of images to select from, your marketing team will be prepared for annual reports, website changes, social media blasts, speaking engagements, or special events. All of the images should be consistent in quality and post-processing (editing).

Contact the studio to discuss your business imagery needs!

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