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Candid wedding moments at the Connors Center

Transition moments are some of the hardest to capture on a wedding day, but are truly the key to visual storytelling. In this image I had just photographed the bride and her bridesmaid coming down the staircase (that image is also in this gallery - go check it out!). Her father was waiting to see her. I had a second photographer waiting for that moment but this image is really the keeper! After the bride passed me on the staircase I walked up a few stairs to get a higher view through the doorway and captured her and her father hugging after he saw her for the first time in her wedding dress. I love her father's hand on her back as they embrace, and even the body language of the bridesmaids.

The key to getting candid wedding images like this is photographing a lot of weddings, always being ready to capture a good image, and knowing the flow of the day. Anticipating movement is so important to storytelling!

Location: 20 Glen Street, Dover MA.

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