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Main Parlor Wedding Reception at the Connors Center

Main Parlor Wedding Reception at The Connors Center

This couple chose to welcome guests to the dancing portion of their wedding reception in the Main Parlor at the Connors Center. The meal was served right next door, with tables spread between the estate room and dover parlors. Before guests flowed in I had the bride and groom come into the room for a moment to capture them in this amazing space. I took several traditional images but then saw the mirrors on many french doors in the room, and wanted to create a truly unique image.

Using off-camera light in wedding images

The light you see was placed by me, highlighting the couple as well as their tiered white wedding cake. I framed the couple inside one of the panes of mirrors and had him twirl her so that her dress gave motion and interest to the image. This wedding day was particularly wonderful, with this image being one of my (and the client's!) favorites from the reception.

Location: 20 Glen Street, Dover MA.

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