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Charlestown Navy Yard Engagement Photos

This image was taken on hands-down the windiest afternoon I have ever experienced at Charlestown Navy Yard. And it wasn't a warm spring wind - oh no - this was a New-England-won't-let-winter-go wind. The couple decided to go ahead with the session and I'm so glad they did because, though my fingers are still thawing, we had the place to ourselves and got some great images.

I took the image above because those chains are so iconic for the area - it's immediately recognizable as the navy yard. We were a little limited as to how we could move about because we were battling the elements and wanted this bride-to-be's gorgeous hair to stay put. Once we made that work i noticed we could get water, chains, and iconic bridge in the background to complete the Charlestown look. The chains draw the viewers eye towards the couple and that oh-so-sweet kiss he is giving on her forehead. We have a series of them walking, laughing, and talking but I'm a sucker for a forehead kiss every time!

The only thing I would change if I could go back would be to have them do something with their hands - at the time we were just trying to keep them from freezing! But in hindsight holding them together would have been lovely as well.

This couple was married at the Nauticus Marina on Cape Cod a few months later on the single hottest wedding I have photographed in my career. They nailed poses in 100 degrees, too! Engagement sessions really do prepare you for an easy, quick, and gorgeous portrait session on your wedding day. This couple's gorgeous collection of Charlestown Navy Yard engagement photos did just that!

Location: 114 16th St, Charlestown, MA 02129.

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