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Fall Engagement Photos

The muted warm palette of fall colors is one of my favorites. This couple added the plaid blanket with a pop of red and turquoise and it's perfect for this image. I posed them on the ground to bring them close together. Looking through some of the tall grass created depth to the image, frames the couple, and add softness to the image. Bokeh (the photography term for those soft, our-of-focus circles) both in front of and behind subjects is a technique I have used often and love the look of.

Of course what makes any image is the expressions on the couple and these two nailed it. I always encourage couples to talk, to move around, and spent a few moments within the pose to get comfortable. This creates images that are authentic versus stiff and too posed looking.

To get the best of fall, it's a good idea to either use a location that you or I know well, or keep a close eye on the foliage in that particular park. In this case, we were looking for tall grass and the location was a new one for me. The grass was mowed the day before our session -changing plans a bit but we made it work anyway. I love the entire collection of images we created together!

Location: North Attleboro, MA.

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