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Candid Wedding Photography at Lord Thompson Manor

Documentary, Photojournalism, or Candid Wedding Photography?

Lots of people, from photographers to clients new to these photography terms, interpret and mis-interpret the buzz words above. I consider myself to be a documentary wedding photographer. I capture the day as it unfolds, work hard to be in the right place at the right time (like this image) so the images tell an authentic story of your wedding day. I will ask clients to stand a specific way for family and group photographs, which photojournalists would never do. And I always felt that the term candids never felt deliberate enough to represent the way I work. So, documentary wedding photographer it is!

Whatever you want to call it, this image of the groom checking outside to see the rain had stopped in time for his outdoor wedding at the Lord Thompson Manor is so sweet.

Location: 286 Thompson Hill Road, Thompson CT.

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