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Lord Thompson Manor Bride and Groom

Including your venue in your wedding photographs

Your wedding images should each have a purpose - and many of those should deliberately include the ambiance, details, and overall style of your wedding reception venue.

When photographing a wedding I have several goals. One is to capture the couple authentically, including body language and facial expressions. The second, and in some images equally important, is to capture the venue. Couples spend a long time choosing somewhere that fits them just right - and including elements of that venue in the images is really important to most couples. It shows your style and the ambiance that you have chosen to create for the people you love most - your family and friends! In this image I had the couple simply walk in font of the Lord Thompson Manor. What I love about it is their relaxed expressions, the movement of her dress fabric, and that both of their feet are mid-step adding interest and motion to the image.

Location: 286 Thompson Hill Road, Thompson CT.

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