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candid family beach photography

If your family enjoys spending time together at the beach, and your youngest is walking (toddlers sitting in the sand usually doesn't go well) then let's talk about a beach session!

The most important piece is scheduling. I typically only do beach sessions in late summer or early fall for a couple of reasons: I want that gorgeous magic hour light, and little ones do not do well when that magic hour is past 8pm. Also beaches in Rhode Island and Massachusetts tend to be less crowded in late summer or early fall. If you decide on a beach photography session we will first look at your schedule and see if we can find a low tide and sunset that conincide with a date you are available. Low tide allows us more room to run and play, hard packed sand to walk on safely and if we are lucky we may even get small pool of water to play with reflections and splash in.

I have a few beaches that are gorgeous for family photography sessions, one just before entering Cape Cod in Massachusetts, a couple of beaches mid-cape, and several in Rhode Island. There are sandy beaches and rocky beaches - it all depends on what you are looking for, the ages of your kids, and how far you want to drive.

One more tip for beach photography sessions - bring a change of clothes! As our session winds down, if parents allow I love to encourage splashing and playing in the waves. It's fun and creates the best smiles!!

Location: cape cod, massachusetts.

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