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casual business headshots

Clients often times (and to their credit!) have preconceived notions of how they would like to look in their business headshots. Poised, confident, approachable, trustworthy, knowledgable, and honest are all qualities that you may want to portray. We can achieve that through lighting, camera angles, and finely-tuned posing. Where your shoulders are, the angle of your head-tilt (everyone has one!), if you are standing or sitting, leaning or not, and of course your smile all say so much. I take the time to find what your goals for the images are and create images that convey what you want to say.

I photograph tethered to a computer (or will show you back of the camera images if there is a lack of space/time for our session) so that we can be confident we achieved your vision. during the editing process, I minimally edit so as to keep the authentic and real nature of the image. Too much skin smoothing, retouching, or overlays makes it obvious the image is less than authentic, and chips away at the honest & trustworthy qualities that the best business men and women hold.

The images we create together will portray the vision we discuss, be coherent with your branding, and encourage potential clients to make that phone call.

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