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Dog Headshots - Honoring your Company Mascot

There are things that set every business apart. For this business, Shadow the grief comfort dog is one of those things. What's the thing that sets your business apart? Is it the design of the room? The people who provide service? Your unique location or offerings? Whatever it is, updated professional images to showcase what you do best - and different - make a huge difference.

This gold retriever named shadow is specially trained as a grief comfort dog. His humans own and run a funeral home, and wanted to create an extra comfort for their clients in times of deep sorrow. Shadow is available to clients who feel comfort in the presence of animals. He's got the typically sweet disposition of a golden retriever, but is trained to rest his head on your hand, or feet, or lap as appropriate. His owners wanted photographs of Shadow to let clients know about him so we had a whole photo shoot especially for him.

Location: medfield ma.

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