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Environmental business portrait

A lot of time businesses will accomplish many goals within one day of photographing. In this case, traditional head shots on a grey backdrop during the first part of the day. Environmental portraits were next, working with the office space. I loved this entire office space an wanted to make sure some of the style their designers created was included in the image. We worked in the main conference room because it would be a familiar space for clients who were introduced to the layers online and then had meetings in person.

Environmental business portraits should have enough information in the frame to establish a style but be simple enough that the focus is still on the subject. The head and next should be placed against a solid part of the image, with no intersecting lines going through it or competing with it. In this case I saw this one small part of the wall that was solid (and blue to match the tie, no less!) and purposely framed the subject in that. The steel cog artwork you see on the shelves were originally more prominent, so I moved the larger one down as to not compete with the focus of the image (the subject). A smaller piece from that same series filled the space, though was placed slightly in shadow.

Any office space can be used to create powerful environmental business portraits. Contact the studio to discuss your businesses needs.

Location: Providence, RI.

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