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What to wear for business headshots

Many clients ask what to wear for their business head shot. It's a great question, considering the image will be representing not only that person but the company and it's brand as a whole.

Of course we want to stay pretty simple in general. Accessories are encouraged (by me, at least!) because a little personality should show through! I ask clients to stay away from stark white (like a white oxford) or solid black tops. Bright colors are fine as long as they are consistent with your branding and will look great with everything else that goes on your webpage. When in doubt, bring a neutral tone with bright accessories, or even two shirts, and we can take the time to create images in each. I have also (and often) created images where men have a full jacket and tie; then another image immediately following where the tie comes off and the pose is more casual. It's great for your web designer and marketing team to have options to choose from.

When deciding what to wear (or have your leadership team or employees wear) for business headshots we will look at your current marketing and discuss uses, both immediate and long-term. Contact the studio to start the conversation today!

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