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Wickford Real Estate Photography

Historic homes need additional attention to detail when it comes to real estate photography

This home is in Wickford, Rhode Island and listed as a historic home. With any listing you want to show off the character in a home, but historic homes have an incredibly unique quality which makes them one-of-a-kind. These rare gems need additional attention when it comes to real estate photography. Attention to detail with showing off historically accurate updates and details that owners go to great lengths to achieve.

Many historic homes lack the large modern windows that let in natural light which is highly desired, so for historic homes I make sure to use HDR and layer several images to capture how the light will fall throughout the room, without hot spots or blown out windows.

The design of this room shows incredible attention to detail and as a Realtor and home owner you should showcase all of it!

Location: Wickford, Rhode Island.

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