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Unscripted moments

Unscripted sessions are just what they sound like - I am there to document your family while influencing the scene as little as possible. Moments and interactions are completely unscripted. For these sessions I ask that clients are already involved in an activity when I arrive, and continue to do that for the first part of the session. I have had clients play board games, build blanket forts, run around outside, read books, and make cookies. The goal isn't to do an activity for the camera, it's to do an activity that you already do with your children. We will be capturing memories you've already built with each other. Sessions are often turned into heirloom albums; a book of 50 or so images that tell a snippet of your families story.

Unscripted sessions are often delivered in 100% black and white, though that doesn't have to be the case. I love that details are enhanced and distractions minimized with the use of black and white in these types of sessions.

I'd love to hear about your family, and activities we could document together!

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