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Boston New Year's Eve Wedding

A Boston New Year's Eve wedding portrait. We were downtown, on the street in front of Mary Kate and Brian's wedding reception at the Boston Park Plaza. The couple had already had their ceremony and guests were enjoying cocktails in the ballroom. There were lots from this series full-length, showing more buildings and cars and the hustle and bustle of the city. This image stood out to me because it took away all of that chaos, and focused on the couple's incredible happiness in this moment.

I left this image in color because the stark black and white of the formal attire is complimented by the monochromatic bokeh around them. (Bokeh is the word for those out-of-focus circles that create depth and interest in an image). Her laugh is so huge and true!

Photographing in the city at night is an incredible treat. I always bring multiple light sources but often never use them, as was the case here. Street lights, store windows, and in this case twinkle lights from holiday decorations created an ambiance that did not need to be altered. When that happens it looks gorgeous, but also allows me as a photographer to focus on all those little things that makes an image great.

Location: Boston Park Plaza, Boston MA.

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