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Cape Cod fine art Wedding Photographer

This sky was hiding throughout the wedding day, and clouds rolled in as we finished up bride and groom portraits on the beach. I knew this couple wanted images that were unique and immediately knew an unique angle of this scene needed to be a part of their collection.

I used a 20mm lens and balanced the couple in the center of the image. The lines of the rock wall and waves are symmetrical and draw the viewers eye to the center of the frame, where the bride and groom are. I did take one image at eye-level, then decided I wanted the bride and groom to stand out against the sky. In order to achieve this I got as low as possible (elbows in the sand!). Loved the way this also brought out all of the details on the beach - rocks and texture.

This image was edited very simply. I gave it a small contrast bump but that'a really all it needed. As a Cape Cod fine art wedding photographer I realize there is no need to overly enhance or distort what is already so incredible; the ambiance that couples go to the cape for just doesn't need to be altered. The Cape's stunning landscapes provide amazing opportunities for images like this. No alteration needed!

Location: Wellfleet, MA.

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