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Hampshire House wedding

The Hampshire House on Beacon Street in Boston, MA is an intimate, warm, and historic place to host a wedding. Every corner has thoughtfully displayed details, from books to green library lamps. Large chandeliers and thoughtfully laid out tables add to the atmosphere. The staff at Hampshire House is incredible, moving guests between the unique rooms and making sure the next location is perfectly set for guests. The food is absolutely divine!

This image was taken during the toast in their main library, and I loved how the light really accentuated the brides flowing dress against the dark woodwork of the room. You can't really see any faces but you know what they are doing, and the toast moment freezes in time.

It was an incredibly chilly day for a Hampshire House wedding, but I love this couple for braving the cold and still going out to the Boston Public Garden for their wedding photos. The three of us walked all the way to the bridge, around the pond, and back across Beacon Street while guests enjoyed apps and drinks upstairs.

Just before ducking back in I asked them to embrace on more time, so I could get an image with a hint of the historic building in the background.

Really looking forward to my next Hampshire House wedding.

Location: Beacon Street, Boston MA .

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