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jewish wedding photographer

Photographing the Horah can be really challenging - one of the most challenging moment about being a Jewish wedding photographer. I'm never sure how long it's going to go, how crazy the dance floor is going to get (the crazier the better) or who is moving in what direction at any given time. It's immensely fun and a little but stressful! Over the years I've gotten confident in where to stand and how the general movement goes, but every family does it a little bit differently.

To cover my bases I plan as best I can, set up lights that work at every angle, get in the middle of the action, and click like crazy! I thought I got a really unique image here for this frame but didn't really know until I got home. The grandmother is framed perfectly in a triangle with the arms of the mother of the bride and mother of the groom - couldn't have planned that better if I tried! And the looks on the couples faces as they are both totally focused on the grandmother is enough to melt anyone.

One of my favorite parts of the image, though, is the repeating hands of the guests in the background. I love that every single one is clasped tightly in unison.

This image was taken at the Warren Conference Center and Inn at their Hayden Lodge. It's a private, gorgeous location with some of the best wedding food I've ever tasted! Getting married there? Or need someone to create heirloom images of your Horah with your family? Contact the studio - I'd love to hear from you!

Location: Warren Conference Center, Ashland, MA.

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