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Ron Burton Training Village Wedding

This couple hosted their wedding at the Ron Burton Training Village in Hubbardston, MA. The location has immense meaning to both of them, and for that reason I let them lead the way when it came to portrait locations. I wanted all of the places that meant a lot to them to be represented in their wedding collection.

We went out to this small lake after family and bridal part images were done, and it was just the three of us. They asked for a photograph with the lake in the background. It had been raining so the sky was grey and overcast, and everything was wet so I could not have them sit anywhere. I really wanted to capture the beauty of the lake and after a moment came up with the perfect solution.

I stood on a small bench (that was wet) and placed the couple between myself and the water. By looking down on them, the green colors, plant life growing, and shape of the lake became really apparent and beautiful. I needed their faces to lift towards the light (sky) to soften the light and create flattering shadows. Asking the groom to kiss the brides neck did the trick - they giggled there for a new moments and her face in this particular frame I find absolutely lovely.

I was so close to them, and wanted as much lake as I could get in the frame, so I used a 20mm lens. This is not a portrait lens and framing needs to be very deliberate and careful. The couple is in the center as to not distort their features.

I love that clients trust me, especially in tough situations like this!

Location: Hubbardston, MA.

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