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Salem Cross Inn wedding

This image is a favorite of mine, and probably will be for my entire career! It was taken at a Salem Cross Inn wedding. Their reception room is filled with interesting and rustic artifacts, including a wall with shelves that hold small glass and wood pieces. During the first dance this couple was next to the wall, and wanting something a little different I went behind it and photographed through it. The room was packed with guests. I love that this image takes a first dance, in a busy space with all eyes on the couple, and erases everything but the two of them and that moment.

I love that you can see her arms wrapped around his dark jacket, and her face partially concealed by his shoulder. His face leaning on her temple make the image complete. Black and white editing was used to eliminate distractions and focus on the ambient light that was on the couple. Though the images is still true to the moment, with no editing other than the b/w conversion.

Throughout the wedding day I capture moments lots of different ways, always creating images that are fairly safe before going out on a limb and experimenting with something like this. But these are always my favorites!

If you are looking for a rustic, historic wedding venue in western mass check out your options for a Salem Cross Inn wedding!

Location: West Brookfield, MA.

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