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Wellfleet Wedding Photographer

There is so much in my mind that makes this image great.

First the eye goes to the motion of the dress, and the brides hand in the air. A completely unscripted moment from their wedding day, bride and groom dancing amongst their guests. The lighting on the bride was intentional and only enhanced slightly with light editing. I love her locked gaze on the groom, the two of them having a great time at their own party!

Mirroring and repetition are difficult to achieve in candid moments, but it happened here. The little girl in shadows in the front of the bride is doing exactly what the bride is, hand in the air with the same body twist. It's like a little mini shadow!

The third thing that makes this image is the groom's posture. That hip pop! He's having a great time, body fully immersed in the music and the moment. Even though you can't see his face you know he is one hundred percent into this dance with his new wife.

This image was taken at the Chequessett Yacht and Country Club in Wellfleet, MA. I absolutely love this location and have been shooting there for over a decade. This boathouse has been expanded and upgraded, all while keeping the original rustic feel of a Cape Cod boathouse. It's one of the true gems for me being a Wellfleet wedding photographer!

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Location: chequessett neck road, wellfleet, MA.

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