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Bride and Groom Photos at Lord Thompson Manor

Creating incredible light and flattering portraits in any situation.

On this wedding day, it was overcast and on-and-off rainy. Have you ever heard that cloudy is the best for photographs? Not true! When clouds move in and it's overcast out the light can bounce around all over the place and make it impossible to control. That means those dark eyes underneath eyes, and unflattering light. Yikes!

A better way? Control the light by REMOVING light. In this case, putting the bride and groom in this doorway made it so I was removing light from behind them and above them, allowing the light coming from the front of them to wrap their features in a flattering way. Really, these tricks will make a huge difference in the quality of your wedding photographs!

I opened the front door for two reasons: the light behind the groom makes his dark tuxedo stand out and the florals on the front of the door mirror the bride's bouquet, making a nice balance.

Location: 286 Thompson Hill Rd, Thompson, CT 06277.

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