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Getting Ready with Bridesmaids at the Cottage House

Getting ready with your bridesmaids in the Cottage House. A private, thoughtfully designed space starts your day off beautifully!

A perfect compliment to their main house where your guests will be arriving, the cottage house is a great place for your bridal party to start the day. The main porch has incredible window light, lots of seating, large mirrors, and is designed to be light and bright (a photographers dream!). This space is large enough for everyone to move around, hand dresses and lay out details yet private and cozy at the same time. I love that is just a moment away from the main house, making logistics easy for you and your guests, as well as vendors who are moving back and forth between the two spaces.

The Cottage House at Lord Thompson Manor is located at:

351 Thompson Rd, Thompson, CT 06277

Location: 286 Thompson Hill Rd, Thompson, CT 06277.

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