Jessica McHale Photography

March 16, 2020

All of us have a new normal to prepare for with Covid-19 social distancing, though we are not sure exactly for how long. For anyone with a family, not being able to answer questions like "when is school starting again" or "when can I play with my friends" is tough. Kids old enough to pick up on adult anxiety are in need of structure and comfort as we all do our part and hang with immediate family only for a while.

In our house, we have three kids and two parents who are used to working from home. Even so, this is going to take some adjusting! We find that routine is comforting. I made a schedule for my family to follow, taking into account their ages (7, 9, and 13) and personalities. It has been shared several hundred thousand times (no joke), by celebrities, in homeschool groups, by superintendents and teacher groups, psychologists and doctors.

I have had dozens of requests each day for a downloadable version. Many people have offered to pay for it. It looks like providing this schedule is something I can do to help for now, and it makes me feel good to do so. Please follow the link above for both a .pdf version and the editable file I created in numbers. If you do utilize the schedule, please pay it forward by visiting a small business in your area once things are safe. Entrepreneurs and small businesses are hurting right now and need your support more than ever!

Thank you and stay healthy!


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