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Best Massachusetts Wedding Photographers

Everything came together for this image! Seven bridesmaids, all in different shades of light rose, and one gorgeous bride. Incredible fall light, though harsh, really made this image (and her veil!) dramatic.

The key to making this image successful was to get the light behind the girls', so they had a hair-light that separated them from the background. Then I needed to make sure all of their bodies and heads were against something dark. Putting them against the sky would not have worked as we would have lost the hair light and had light spill around their faces. A long lens ended up being the best choice.

Once everyone was in position I asked them to talk to each other and laugh amongst themselves. The bride had that incredible long veil to play with and catch the sunlight, and she moved it around like a pro!

Tangerini's spring street farm was kind enough to let this couple, their bridal party and their family use the property for photographs and I was so grateful for that. It's an absolutely stunning property with several background options, even on a tough lighting day like this one. The entire collection of images from this wedding is one I am very proud of!

Location: 139 Spring Street, Millis, MA 02054.

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