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Getting Ready Moments

Getting ready moments between lifelong friends create incredible images. These three were laughing all morning! I chose to put them hear this gorgeous window light while her bridesmaids helped her into her wedding gown. I asked them to stand where the light would accentuate the brides gown details, show her facial expression and put her maid of honor in a beautiful silhouette. That's my job - to create the possibility of a great image. Putting clients in beautiful light; thoughtful placing myself in just the right spot. Waiting for just the right moment. But these clamped hands and laughter that raises your face to the sky -- that is not manufactured. That is the real thing. And it's what makes images like this so incredibly moving.

I feel so blessed that clients let me into these moments. It's what makes this job fantastically rewarding, even after hundreds of weddings. Having an all-access pass to these moments throughout the wedding day is an incredible thing; a huge responsibility; and such an honor.

Let's talk about what's important to you, on your day. What moments would you like preserved? How can I fulfill your vision for your wedding collection? Contact the studio and let's chat!

Location: Providence, RI.

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