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In Thompson, Connecticut, this location became a fast favorite when I photographed Andrew and Shelby's wedding. In the manor, your guests will flow through several rooms all with incredible detail, out to the ceremony garden and cocktail patio. A moments drive from the main manor is the Cottage House where you can get ready in a space that is a photographers dream - plenty of soft window light, elegant mirrors, and simple, white decor.

I personally loved photographing here because I like a lot of depth and texture in my images. This venue offered me the opportunity to photograph through doorways, down a large staircase with the couple on it, and create depth with layers of greenery and stone. Andrew and Shelby's day was hit-and-miss with the weather - it rained a bit but they did end up hosting their ceremony in the outdoor garden. The alternative indoor location was just as beautiful, and where they hosted dancing after dinner. As the evening wound down I took the couple outside to photograph them against the large manor windows, glowing with what seemed like a million candles, and use the ambiance of overhead patio lights to create soft nighttime images.

Lord Thompson Manor Weddings
286 Thompson Hill Road, Thompson Connecticut

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