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Massachusetts best wedding photographers

This couple wanted their photos taken at a local park in Plainville, MA. I know the park well, with trails, a small pond, and large grassy areas. What I hadn't noticed before is this perfectly built-for-two old swingset at the corner of the property, hidden among the trees. I put the couple so their backs were towards the sunshine, and asked them to sit. We have a huge collection of them swinging and laughing, but at the end of the day it was this image that stuck out in my mind. I l love the start black and white, the light shining and just a little sun flair. I love the quiet moment and that the brides feet are off the ground, letting all of the layers of the dress show. I really sweet moment!

Massachusetts best wedding photographers can take any situation and make it beautiful. We can take a less than ideal rain plan and turn it into gorgeous images, or work with a timeline that was squished into almost nothing because of traffic. When it comes to wedding photographers, experience goes a long way in handling all of the situations that can arise throughout the day. Massachusetts Best wedding photographers can take any situation and light it, perfect it, edit it into am heirloom image.

Location: Plainville, MA.

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